Homeschoolers- We support each other!

Homeschooling often places a financial burden on families that public school families do not experience. By the very nature of homeschooling, most families are single income. Because of this, many homeschool parents endeavor to generate income through small businesses which they can do from home, often with their families. To encourage and support our homeschool families at NGHC we will be hosting a monthly networking meeting, where members may share their small businesses- be it fresh eggs for sale, essential oils, weight loss assistance, children’s clothing, make-up, etc. Each monthly networking meeting will feature up to three members, and must be approved ahead of time. Members who wish to present their small businesses please e-mail or send a message to North Georgia Homeschool Cooperative on Facebook. Featured members will also have an ad placed on this page.

(click on links)

Piano Lessons for ages 5 and up– Contact Jessica Doran

Private Art Lessons $20/hour with La Sha Ackerman – Text (770) 540-8368

Hand painted signs and letters– Joanna Oglesby

Weekly produce boxes Billabay Farms

Boutique items which benefit impoverished women in India

Handyman Services – Matthew Reigle – (770) 530-5768, specializes in carpentry, general repairs, roofing, tiling, painting and more

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