Would you like use your special skills to offer one on one tutoring?

Do you  need a tutor in a specific area?

All co-op members are welcome to offer tutoring during co-op hours.

Tutors set their own prices, and may vary from person to person.

****NGHC is proud to provide this opportunity for members to earn extra income, while providing a much needed service to our students, but we are in no way liable for individual tutors.*****

If you would like to tutor, please send your information (subject, age range, price, etc) to admin@northgeorgiahomeschool.org, comment below, or send a message to North Georgia Homeschool Cooperative on Facebook.

Available Tutors

English, grammar, reading, creative writing-—-$20/hour or $10/hour for two students—– ——- Iris Ackerman —Available 1-5:00 (Co-op hours).

Contact admin@northgeorgiahomeschool.org to reserve tutor time with Ms Iris.

French $10/hour Myrtle Figueras- 30 years as a certified French teacher, before becoming Mayor of Gainesville for 4 years.
Contact admin@northgeorgiahomeschool.org to reserve tutor time with Ms Myrtle.

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